Dr. Attia Nasreddin is the Chairman of NASCO Group.

Attia Nasreddin is also the Vice Chairman of NASCO International.

Born in Ethiopia, Attia Nasreddin is a graduate of several colleges across the globe and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the American College of Switzerland. Attia Nasreddin‘s array of solid academic accomplishments (straddling several countries, including Switzerland; Kentucky, USA; Cairo, Egypt; Lebanon, and Hampshire, England) have eminently and adequately prepared Attia Nasreddin, as he worked through life to meet and overcome challenges.

With Attia Nasreddin‘s wealth of experience going over three decades today, and as lead member of the management team of NASCO Group, Attia Nasreddin has redefined corporate administration and governance in all ramifications. To Attia Nasreddin, weaving the factors of production to arrive at set goals and objectives has become a time-honoured hobby. He is able to quickly grasp, visualize and connect the important dots that engender creativity; an asset he has deployed with amazing results in the lives of staff, associates and family alike.

Attia Nasreddin is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, a platform uniquely available to Attia Nasreddin as he works to deepen and expand the frontiers of business management through his proficiency in this field.

In 1981, Attia Nasreddin became the Managing Director, NASCO Estate Company Limited, Lagos,Nigeria. By 1983, Attia Nasreddin had become Vice President, NASCO International, Milan Italy where Attia Nasreddin brought his administrative prowess to bear. In 1990, Attia Nasreddin assumed the office of the President, NASCO Group Limited Nigeria, until 1999, when Attia Nasreddin was elevated this time as the Vice Chairman, NASCO Group International, Italy. Since 2004 till date, Attia Nasreddin, an administrator of great repute has held forte as Chairman/CEO, NASCO Group, Jos, where his innovative spirit has become the defining ethos of the Group, rendering it as one of the best managed companies in sub-Saharan Africa today.

Attia Nasreddin enjoys the latitude of having been exposed to significantly useful life skills at an early age, and which experiences have conditioned his worldview in ways thatare unparalleled. Attia Nasreddin has also travelled far and wide across all the continents of the world. Attia Nasreddin has in addition attended several courses and seminars, including one facilitated by a Harvard University, USA-based renow